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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Afternoon Drive

 I Decided to take a drive to clear the cob webs . Well there is a road near home where I had seen a Blue Heron.Hoping to get some bird pics. It is mostly swamp land and is named Seven Bridges Rd. It has 7 places that have bridge crossings One of them has a story, there is suppose to be a ghost there. It seems she died in an accident. If you go there at night, stop on the bridge cut off your lights and car, blow your horn 3 times she will appear. Yes, you can say I tried it once. LOL  No ghost came out.Well the last time I went down the road it looked like aways, just some swampy areas, lots of cypress trees.This time I was amazed  the beavers had dammed up one of the areas and it now looked like a lake. When they say busy as a beaver, well let me tell you!! They have been busy. I even saw where they built one of their huts, I think that what they are call. I stopped by beside the road and watched awhile, at one of natures many wonders. I could hear alot of geese way back, finally got to watch them take off WOW were they noisy. Nature never stops amazing me Those beavers built a beautiful place, yes I know they also cause a lot of problems. but I bet if you think about it they are the reason we have some of the beautiful lakes we now enjoy. I did take a few pics of their handy work. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. What a wonderful drive....and I love the pictures!