Good Eats

Friday, February 25, 2011


Pine Siskin and Brown-headed Nuthatch

                                                     Northern Flicker
                                                          Pine Warbler

This pass year has been a banner year for me. through out the year, I have been lucky enough to see 6 of my life birds. For those that do not know this pharse, it means birds I want to see but never have till now.It is amazing to look out your window and see a different bird, I grab my bird book and start looking, then when you find it, WOW this bird is new to my yard. So far I have seen Pine Warblers, Pine Siskins, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Red-breasted Nuthach, Northern Flickers and a Summer Tanager. I can count at least 20 different bird families, in my yard Oh , I almost missed one the Red-winged Blackbird. So now I will share some of them with you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Afternoon Drive

 I Decided to take a drive to clear the cob webs . Well there is a road near home where I had seen a Blue Heron.Hoping to get some bird pics. It is mostly swamp land and is named Seven Bridges Rd. It has 7 places that have bridge crossings One of them has a story, there is suppose to be a ghost there. It seems she died in an accident. If you go there at night, stop on the bridge cut off your lights and car, blow your horn 3 times she will appear. Yes, you can say I tried it once. LOL  No ghost came out.Well the last time I went down the road it looked like aways, just some swampy areas, lots of cypress trees.This time I was amazed  the beavers had dammed up one of the areas and it now looked like a lake. When they say busy as a beaver, well let me tell you!! They have been busy. I even saw where they built one of their huts, I think that what they are call. I stopped by beside the road and watched awhile, at one of natures many wonders. I could hear alot of geese way back, finally got to watch them take off WOW were they noisy. Nature never stops amazing me Those beavers built a beautiful place, yes I know they also cause a lot of problems. but I bet if you think about it they are the reason we have some of the beautiful lakes we now enjoy. I did take a few pics of their handy work. Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Been a little under the weather for a few days,flu bug I guess, haven't been out and about to see much wildlife. I did see a field of deer the other day. Squirrels in the yard, love to watch them play. It drive my dog crazy, he just can't run fast enough, before they scamper up a tree. Looking forward to the spring, got alot of seeds to plant. I am clearing a large over grown area to put in a mobile home. I will have lots of room for flowers. Hope to have it in by the last of March. Due to my sons disablity( he was hurt at work) he needs someone close by, I am now staying with him and my 2 grandsons. I need my own space and this seemed the best way to go. Here are a few pics I have taken  First is a Pine Warbler second is a Northern Mockingbird.

Four of the deer are bucks, one has lost his horns already they were a beautiful site they are so graceful,
Cute. little guy