Good Eats

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My boyfriend and brother built a deck on the front of my home 2 weekends ago. My boyfriend and I had planned on doing it, but I fell before we could and broke my wrist. Then all I could do was supervise. Well I did make sure they had something cold to drink LOL and fixed them lunch. It took all day, but they did a good job.Now I can sit outside and have my morning coffee, work on the computer too. First pic is boyfriend, second is my brother and last you can see the addition

As I sit here, the sun slowly going down, which paints the sky, wonderful shades of blue,red, orange and yellow I am in awe of Gods amazing beauty, that He shares with us.As I watching the birds, squirrels and occasional rabbit. Hearing all the sounds of nature. AND A BIG THANK YOU TO LARRY AND BILLY