Good Eats

Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Well, the babies have left the house and I didn't get to see it. they fledged the next day, and it was raining. Pop took them to the back of the lot. Away from the mockingbirds. All is well with them, and thats' what counts. So that ends my story sorta, A female Bluebird has already claimed the house and is making it  her home. So the saga will continue. LOL Oh the mockingbirds seem to be a happy couple now. At least they are not attacking other birds.The pic is of Papa trying to cokes them out, and 1 little head looking scared.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been sitting in my new home, at the kitchen table by the window, my favorite spot in the house. I can see my feeders,birdbathes and one of my Bluebird houses. I have enjoyed watching the mom and pop bluebirds build the nest. They work well together, unlike some people. Then on March 15 I saw 3 eggs in the nest. such a pretty shade of blue, this was a first for me. Man it is exciting to know soon there will be baby birds. Did you know that pop bluebird even feeds mom while she sits on the nest? I now have babies !!!!!! If you can tell I get a little excited. I decided I was going to watch this all the way, till the fledging leave the nest.  Mom and pop share the feeding, won't be long now before they take their maiden flight. Wait I am getting ahead of myself, LOL  I noticed a few days ago that I have not been seeing mom come and go. Only papa, so I paid close attention, sure enough no mom. Now with mom out of the picture pop  has to work harder feeding them. He has been doing a great job too. Don't mean to leave you in suspense, but I had sprang my wrist bad and now it is stating to hurt, so I will post a few pics to help you see my story.Be back later to finish.

 Mom is hungry

here are the babies !!!!!

Pops here with lunch