Good Eats

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bluebirds are Nesting

 My Bluebirds have been very active lately,checking out their house, before they started working on my lot. Then with so much activity around, I was scared they would not use the house they had been checking out. But to my amazement they started building their nest.Now I can set on my front porch and watch them going in and out. I had checked for eggs on Friday, not a one. Then Saturday I noticed the female sitting half way out of the box. I had never seen one do that before. The same thing happened again on Sunday morning. Well, I could not wait, so I checked and sure enough there were 3 eggs there. Happy happy days. I will be able to watch as they hatch, mom and dad feeding them and see the fledging leave the nest. This will be a first for me. here are a few pics of mom, dad and soon to be babies.  Not sure why the pics post at the top.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Adventures in finding Peace and Quiet

For about 3 and a half years now, I have lived with my son and 2 grandsons. My son is disable and needed my help. Well he has a 3 bedroom mobile home. The boys are now teenagers and I am going crazy. LOL There seems to be something going on daily, the boys bicker all the time. I think they need their own space and I know I do. So I made a decision to put a mobile home on my sons land. He has 7 acres. WELL THIS IS WHERE THE ADVENTURE STARTS. To put it there I had to apply for a hardship case( it means he needs someone to be near enough to help him he is going to have to have another surgery soon) I went to the city, because we are in their planning zone. I had to have papers from his doctor, what size home I wanted to put in, then wait 2 months for a hearing. I was approved thank God. I then had to clear the area I am using, get the county not the city to approve my putting in a septic system. They said I could use his existing well. Then back to the city to get the permits to move, setup,put in electrical box, septic system and AC.  I have completed all but the final inspection. Oh, I also have to get a power line ran. They came out this morning to do that, found out it was to wet with all the rain we have gotten over the last few days. Now I have to wait until the first of the week. Well, I know the Good Lord has not brought me this far, without taking me the rest. I would like to share some of the beginning pics of this adventure.

I will continue my saga as thing progess