Good Eats

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my coffee and looking out the window.Still way to cold to sit outside What!!! is that? Oh my, a Red-bellied Woodpecker is on my log feeder. I had seen one in the spring, HE DIDN'T HANG AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO GET A PIC OF HIM. This one is enjoying my homemade suet. I have watched Downys and Nuthatches a plenty. Oh look at that yellow bird. A Pine Warbler, he was one of my life birds I saw for the first time in Nov.  What a wonderful morning,

He is a beautiful bird

This does not do him justice As I watched all the birds I was amazed at how many different kinds were in the yard. 
Finches sparrows, titmouse, nuthatches, chickadee, cardinals doves and warblers 

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  1. Daisy (Gayle) you did it with photos and all. Lovely. I add you to my list of birding blogs on my blog and signed up as a follower. Welcome to blogging!